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How many communities of Gloucester are there around the world?

The Gloucester Collaboration (GC) includes communities named Gloucester or with Gloucester in their name. These communities are both formal jurisdictions (cities, counties, towns) and also long-standing communities named Gloucester, like the Community of Gloucester in Ontario Canada which once was the City of Gloucester and now is a part of the City of Ottawa. There are twelve (12) inhabited communities named Gloucester, or with Gloucester in their name, in five countries on four continents:

  • City of Gloucester / County of Gloucestershire, UK – the Original Gloucester

  • County of Gloucester, Virginia, USA

  • County of Gloucester, New Jersey, USA

  • Gloucester City, Camden County, New Jersey, USA

  • Township of Gloucester, Camden County, New Jersey, USA

  • City of Gloucester, Massachusetts, USA

  • Town of New Gloucester, Maine, USA

  • Community of Gloucester, Carteret County, North Carolina, USA

  • Community of Gloucester, Ottawa, Canada

  • Gloucester Village, Sierra Leone

  • Town of Gloucester, New South Wales, Australia

  • Community of Cape Gloucester, Queensland, Australia

What is the mission of the Gloucester Collaboration?

The Gloucester Collaboration is working to connect the twelve Gloucesters of the world. We bring people together through government, schools, businesses, civic groups and faith communities. We celebrate what's special about our own Gloucester and share and learn the same about other Gloucesters. Communicating, networking and visiting one another are all part of this fun and educational initiative.

What are the intentions of the Gloucester Collaboration?

GC intends to create a web of connections between the residents, organizations and institutions of each community of Gloucester by introducing them to folks in other Gloucesters. The effort begins with an emphasis on engaging students and their schools in each Gloucester in collaboration, and then using these young leaders as a conduit to all subsets of each community. Early on, GC also intends to strengthen bonds between the governmental leaders and the faith organizations of the global community of Gloucester.

As it builds a worldwide union, GC is promoting two primary action items = (1) Environmental Stewardship and (2) Cross-cultural Awareness and Understanding. On the environmental front, GC embraces the old adage “Think globally, act locally” and intends to create connections between individuals and organizations focused on environmental efforts in each community of Gloucester, with special attention to rivers, streams and watersheds. On the cross-cultural front, GC intends to highlight and celebrate the diversity of the global community of Gloucester, with initial special attention to Gloucester Village, Sierra Leone.

Who is the Duke of Gloucester?

​His Royal Highness Prince Richard, the Duke of Gloucester​

Duchess of Gloucester

How did the Gloucester Collaboration get started?

The County of Gloucester was founded in the Virginia Colony in 1651, named for Henry Stuart, Duke of Gloucester and third son of King Charles I.  Gloucester VA has always been proud of its connection to the Duke – Gloucester High School is home of The Dukes. In 2017, as part of the Pocahontas 400 commemoration in England, Gloucester County and other Virginians connected with His Royal Highness Prince Richard, the Duke of Gloucester. A treasured photograph from that trip shows the Duke of Gloucester helping Rappahannock Chief Anne Richardson out of a horse-drawn carriage at Syon House, where Pocahontas lived for a time.

Duke of Gloucester

The 2017 trip to England inspired a non-profit concept called The Pocahontas Project (TPP), headquartered in Gloucester VA, created to engage people of all ages around the world through the life, legend and legacy of the woman most famously known as Pocahontas.


Ever since the 2017 trip, TPP Founder Rick Tatnall and Carol Steele, the Gloucester County Administrator, have continued to interact with the Duke of Gloucester, including meeting him during his 2018 visit to Virginia. Through the Duke, strong connections were forged with folks in Gloucester, England which ultimately conceived the concept of the Gloucester Collaboration. In November of 2021, the County of Gloucester, Virginia publically declared its support for the Gloucester Collaboration and in January 2022, the Duke of Gloucester declared his interest in being a part of the effort, officially planting the seed of the concept of the Gloucester Collaboration.

 What is Gloucester Day?

Gloucester Day was an annual event in England for centuries, celebrating the lifting of the Siege of Gloucester on September 5, 1643 when the city held out against Royalist forces during the First English Civil War. The annual celebration in the City of Gloucester died out in the nineteenth century but was recently revived in 2009 and now is held on the first Saturday in September. The 2022 Gloucester Day also celebrated the official beginning of the Gloucester Collaboration, becoming the first Global Gloucester Day with celebrations in England and America. The City of Gloucester welcomed the Duke and Duchess of Gloucester as well as Carol Steele, Gloucester VA County Administrator, for their Gloucester Day celebration.

What else is named Gloucester around the world?

The name Gloucester is all over the world, including more than 40 streets and roads named Gloucester. In addition:

Schools named Gloucester

  • Gloucester Academy, Gloucester, UK

  • Gloucestershire College, Gloucestershire, UK

  • University of Gloucestershire, Cheltenham, UK

  • Gloucester High School, Virginia, USA

  • Gloucester High School, Massachusetts, USA

  • Gloucester High School, Ontario. CA

  • Gloucester High School, New South Wales, AU

  • Gloucester City High School, New Jersey, USA

  • Gloucester County Institute of Technology, New Jersey, USA

Land and water named Gloucester

Ships named Gloucester

Hotels named after Gloucester

  • The Gloucestershire Hotel in Montego Bay, Jamaica

  • Gloucester Hotel, Hong Kong

  • Gloucester Hotel, London

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